Welcome To Beantown Barbell Club

Our vision is to be a premier training facility dedicated exclusively to olympic-style weightlifting; a place where serious athletes of all levels of experience receive exceptional coaching and training in the pursuit of success at the highest levels of competition.

We are committed to coaching talented beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes in the sport of weightlifting and working with athletes from other sports looking to improve their strength and speed through the use of the olympic lifts.

We are dedicated to each of our athletes and seek to provide them with the best resources and support available to enable them to achieve their high-level sport goals.

We offer a dedicated coaching staff and state of the art facility with top quality equipment exclusively focused on the pursuit of olympic-style weightlifting. 

We intend to foster a true team atmosphere where athletes of all levels consistently train together under the direction of supervised coaching.

We do not have the desire to grow a large membership. We intend to be selective and maintain a positive team and gym culture where athletes support each other, but also come to expect a highly personalized approach to their growth. Our philosophy is one of bringing significant and concentrated resources to a select group of athletes to help them achieve their goals, rather than spreading our resources across a broad membership base with significantly varied interests and expectations.


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